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    News — style51

    7Twenty Style51 NB MX5

    7Twenty Style51 NB MX5

    If you're from the UK and you've ever spent time spectating drifting or watching drift videos on social media then you've probably come across the trio of MX5s absolutely hucking it round track.

    Conor Wilson's NB MX5 drift car is one of our favourites in the UK drift scene right now. Forming part of the Destory or Die lads, Conor's build showcases not only a clean street style but also a very respectable chassis & engine spec. (see spec list below)

    Running our flow formed Bronze Style51R - 15x8 et10

    Big shout out to Daniel Bridle - @danielbridle for the photoshoot. Can always count on Dan to produce beautiful imagery regardless of the subject. Check him out! https://www.facebook.com/danielbridlephoto/


    7twenty style51 Mazda mx5 NB side7twenty style51 Mazda mx5 NB wheel7twenty style51 Mazda mx5 NB rear7twenty style51 Mazda mx5 NB rear 2



    ZX10R throttle bodies

    2.5" stainless exhaust and downpipe
    Motorsport Electronics ME221 Standalone ECU Mapped by Skuzzle Motorsport at 170hp (fly)
    Davies Craig Electric water pump
    Driftworks Supercool alloy radiator
    6 speed gearbox w/ 3.6:1 Type 2 Torsen w/ RX7 FC back plate
    Superpro suspension bushes throughout
    Destroy or Die Front and rear SuperKnuckles
    Destroy or Die Rack spacers
    Destroy or Die front upper and lower control arms
    Destroy or Die rear upper and lower control arms
    HSD Dual Tech coilovers
    Wilwood Dynalite front calipers
    OEM Sport rear calipers.
    7Twenty wheels yoooooooo
    AutoExe front antiroll bar
    Racing Beat rear antiroll bar
    Sparco 2000 seat
    Nardi Classic Steering wheel
    Van Beek Motorfactors full roll cage w/ doorbars
    Bomex Front bumper and side skirts
    Zeromotive rear canards
    Carbonmiata boot and roof spoiler


    The New Style51

    The New Style51

    Introducing our new 15" design for 4x100 fitment vehicles: Mazda, Honda, VW & BMW E30. The Style51 is coming in 15x8" with two offset variations that offer different styles of lip design. The ET20 version will be a stepped lip with a more pronounced face and centre bowl, whereas the ET10 offers a larger flat lip with a flatter spoke design accentuating the lip. Whether you are after that staggered look, aggressive flat lip versions all round or the more flush step lip versions on the track. We have you covered.

    Two variations in colour Matt Bronze & Black on Black - Matt Black Face with Gloss Black lip. 

    These wheels are the first Flow Formed designs from 7Twenty offering reduced weight with increased strength. This process is done by applying extreme heat to the barrel of the wheel and rolling the barrel mould almost like a rolling pin stretching the aluminium this changes the molecular structure of the barrel of the wheel - a comparable process to forging a wheel.