New Style55 5x120 10.5J

New Style55 5x120 10.5J

For all those wanting that thicc BMW stance and even more concave, here you go. 
5x120 - 18x10.5" ET5 Style55 in the classic Hyper Black finish.

The Style55's original purpose of being able to withstand the high stresses of motorsport has now seen an increase of popularity within the stance community for its wild concave and solid reputation resulted in more and more of you coming forward requesting a 10.5J for your BMWs. 

We appreciate the continued support we receive from our followers and love seeing the tags, mentions and posts of your rides and will always develop upon your feedback moving forward. 

Find out more about the specifications here:

Expect a new 18" design coming very soon! The Style57.

7twenty style55 18x10.5 et5 27twenty Style55 18x10.5 et5 2

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