7Twenty x Aero Elite: The Style57 Collab Project

7Twenty x Aero Elite: The Style57 Collab Project

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At 7Twenty, we are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Aero Elite – introducing the Style57 wheel in a unique high metallic gloss gunmetal finish with an innovative polished wrap-around lip. This partnership brings together our commitment to high-quality, lightweight wheels and Aero Elite's unparalleled attention to detail and passion for automotive tuning.

The Style57 wheels are Flow Formed, making them incredibly strong and lightweight, perfect for track, drift, stance, and street use. The 9.5J variant offers big brake clearance, while the 10.5J has less clearance due to the shallower back-pad from the flatter face design and larger lip. Every size is under 10KG in weight due to the flow forming process.

After months of balancing the production constraints with Aero Elite's passionate design direction and the practical testing of polishing tools, we developed a system that allows the Style57's lip to be polished not only on the usual face side, but also on the tyre side. A feature that has been highly demanded by customers who run stretched tyres.

Nico Schuh, the visionary behind Aero Elite, has been instrumental in this collaboration. From being a dedicated customer to now co-creating with 7Twenty, Nico’s journey is a testament to our shared passion for automotive excellence. His meticulous attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the wheel's design and finish was perfected to the highest standard.

"7Twenty is a UK based wheel company making lightweight, high quality wheels at a competitive price. Having retailed the entire range of 7Twenty wheels for years, we've had no returns, no warranty claims or finish issues. As we come from a Motorsport, in particular, drifting background, strength and quality was just as important as looks to us.

The journey with 7Twenty and Aero Elite is one of our biggest achievements as a company. It’s incredible to think my relationship with 7Twenty went from being a customer, to being a dealer of their products, to now having a collaboration wheel between the two companies."

Collab Specifications

  • 18x9.5 ET20 5x120 Gloss Gunmetal/Machined Lip
  • 18x10.5 ET15 5x114.3 Gloss Gunmetal/Machined Lip
  • 18x9.5 ET15 5x114.3 Gloss Gunmetal/Machined Lip

Nico's attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the wheel's design.

"Working with 3-piece polished lip wheels daily, the one thing that grinds my gears is when the ‘bead’ has not been refinished to match the remainder of the lip and is simply the same colour as the face. This is extremely noticeable from a three-quarter or frontal angle of a car with a slight stretched tyre when the sun doesn’t reflect off the inside lip.”

"With great attention to detail and being extremely observant with details others might not ever pick up on, the design and development phase of the finishes was a rather involved process. The ‘wrap around’ polished wheel lip has made all the difference, completely elevating this wheel from the competition of single piece wheels."

This collaboration is more than just a product launch; it's a celebration of a shared vision. It’s a testament to the dedication and passion that both 7Twenty and Aero Elite bring to the table.

7Twenty x Aero Elite Style57 wheels are exclusively available at aeroelite.co.uk

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